Philosophy & Aims

Many of our students have had challenging journeys in education thus far; at Stephenson MK Trust Post 16 Centre, we are offering our students a supportive environment in which to grow in positivity and confidence. They will have the opportunity to build on the qualifications gained at Key Stage 4, to learn about the world of work through focussed employability sessions and to access long-term work experience placements. Whatever the student’s starting point, whatever the challenges they have experienced in education previously, our aim is to ensure that for the time they are with us, they are making positive steps towards independence and building safe and secure foundations for their next steps.

Our aims encompass work with:

The student – to help them work towards career goals
The family/carers - to establish a situation where all the adults in the student’s life are working together to meet the student’s needs
The staff - to put systems and strategies in place whereby the student is more likely to succeed in their education
Other professionals - to seek further support as necessary
With schools and colleges - to promote integration and inclusion
With the working world - accessing long-term work experience placements