For some students, the worry of offering up an incorrect answer is enough to make them keep their thoughts to themselves. At the Post 16 Centre we want to develop a calm and relaxed environment where everyone feels they can participate. We show students the value of the thought process behind an answer more than the answer itself. We use open-ended questions or prompts and encourage students to listen to their colleagues give alternative answers to the same question.




As with every other subject, success in Maths is dependent on practicing the procedures until they become easier. We will help you to develop techniques that will allow you to clearly and confidently answer topic questions and eventually answer GCSE style questions. We can also provide further support outside of lessons if students require one to one interventions.




Did you know that being able to articulate your thoughts when it comes to reasoning and problem solving can also:

  • - Increase enthusiasm
  • - Promote social skills
  • - Build your vocabulary
  • - Reduce Maths anxiety
  • - Boost perseverance

Our Maths GCSE upskill will enable our young people to progress into work or further education with an improved skillset.