Life Skills
Developing habits and skills for life



Life skills at the Stephenson Trust 16 Centre takes on many forms based on student interest and identified need based on application interviews.  It is designed to support students with positive well-being choices and also, develop some key skills to become more independent at home or in the community in preparation for adulthood.




Life skills for some students will be in the form of practical lessons to build up a portfolio of work to demonstrate they can independently carry out adulthood tasks, such as creating a budget or putting a load of washing on.  For other students it requires the commitment to go to the gym twice a week, learning how to become confidence in staying physically active; and for others it involves propagating plants and tending to the centre allotment documenting their work to achieve a qualification in occupational studies.




It is our mission to prepare students for their next steps in life through helping them the skills they need to be confidence young adults in their community.  We want them to leave the Post 16 Centre with the confidence to enter adulthood whether it’s in the garden, in the home or in the gym.  We aim to build up their resilience and courage in the process, so that they can leave Post 16 more assured that they are capable young people.