The intent of offering two distinct Level 1 qualifications in Enterprise is for students to not only be able to conduct market research and see gaps in the market for products; but also be able to plan and deliver an enterprise activity of their own.  This will be to peers and staff so they can see through a plan from start to finish.  This will also include interviewing successful entrepreneurs and exploring a range of businesses that have local ties.




Enterprise lessons will cover a range of business models and explore how startup companies begin, as for many students, wanting to work for themselves is a real option in the world of technology that we live in.  Selling platforms, and social media have made making money from home a plausible career, so students will get to experience firsthand in how to set up a business in a theme of their choice.




Enterprise skills are skills for life and in our new curriculum design for Post 16 students this year we recognize that employers are looking for all of those “soft skills” that make for a good employee, or excellent entrepreneur.  This course features the opportunity to achieve two Level 1 qualifications and then progress onto the Level 2 course should students show a flair for business.  Both of the Level 1 qualifications highlight the importance of customer service, technology, and marketing starting from the grassroots level.